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Stunning Commercial Building and Interiors Across The South East

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GTCI Ltd has for well over 30 years put quality and our customers’ needs before profit. Going the extra mile has always been our base catch line when tendering for work.

Our Managing Director, Nick Turner-Goldsmith has always stated that we need to stand out from the norm, raise above the mediocre, and strive to be better than all the other main contractor out in the market place.

His legacy has been laid down as a template to everything we do at GTCI Ltd. Working clean and tidy, advising when unsure, taking time to fully understand the brief before we start. This way we achieve exactly what the client had in their mind.

Nick has taken this exact ethos and has started to build our footprint across the south east of England.

Even during the recession years GTCI Ltd has a proven record of some professional characteristics that has kept us busy with work for Universities, MOD projects, small developing companies up to the larger multi national businesses which all demand high standards of workmanship and professional employees and sub-contractors.

As a main contractor, GTCI Ltd has taken the legal ramifications and developed a secure team of caring individuals. Included in this is our extended family of sub-contractors who we vet through our sub-contractor questionnaire. Only choosing the ones that have the same high standards of workmanship and the willingness to accomplish our work on time and on price.

From building a school or adding more classrooms onto an existing college or school, to knocking down an old cinema/shops/flats in Greenford. From refurbishing a large block of 550 flats with well over 2500 windows, doors, corridors etc, in the centre of London, to a full electrical refit at a London University.

GTCI Ltd will tender throughout the Southeast of England and consider other projects across the whole of the UK on special assignment.

We would like to thank all of our clients and trust that we continue to provide the service you have come to expect.

Nick Turner-Goldsmith  MD.

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