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Crown Terrace, Cricklewood, London


GTCI were awarded the contract of rehabilitating a very tired group of first floor terraced flats with odd doors and windows situated in the well-known area of Cricklewood almost upon the junction of the A5.

All chimneys had to be removed and re set in new mortar, with several of the stacks requiring major repointing. 1no flank wall required major construction work in order to prevent an imminent collapse and is now safe.

Large areas of the front and rear walls required raking out and repointing in lime mortar. All of the roof coverings were removed and replaced including lead work and membranes. A full programme of refurbishment or replacement of doors and windows was undertaken. Full re-decoration of the doors, windows, facia soffits etc was also completed.

This block no longer looks run down and neglected and is a better place to live.