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Cherrytree Nursery School


A beautiful 1920 style local school which was badly in need of a facelift and some TLC. We firstly identified that many of the Kent Peg tiles were damaged and needed changing. Also, the roofing felt had deteriorated and many of the rafters, joists, facias and soffits had succumbed to rot. Many of the lead flashings had also deteriorated and required replacement.

All damaged tiles were removed, all deteriorated felt was stripped away and all rotten timbers cut out and the remaining was treated against further rot. New timbers were fitted, new lead flashings prepared and fitted new roofing felt laid and replacement peg tiles were fitted.

During this work it was identified that 2 Copulas on the front elevation required attention, so these had new zinc roofs fitted and were generally refurbished ready for decoration.

Some of the windows were in poor condition, so these were removed, rehabilitated and refitted. At the rear of what is now a children’s nursery school there was an almost derelict cellar which not only when it rained was under several inches of water, but the roof had decade to where it was in danger of collapse.

The roof was removed and the cellar was cleared out. A new roof structure was put in place and finished with a fibreglass roof finish to provide years of trouble free water sealing, even if walked on.

It was found that the pipework and drainage was in poor condition generally around the building so a programme of repairs and replacement was undertaken and completed. Finally, a full programme of external decoration was carried out, leaving the building looking smart and clean for the future.